Object of the Independent Association of Showmen

The object of The Association of Independent Showmen is to promote and support the maintenance of the fairground and circus community, advise that community and help that community prosper..

The Association of Independent Showmen, in line with this objective support #future4fairgrounds

Latest Communications - Notice Board
(30th January, 2021)

With sad heart,

We regret to inform the community that the founder and President of the Association of Independent Showmen John Mason Crane, 91, peacefully passed away this morning, Friday 29th January, 2021. We have been asked by his family to share this news with you, as “The AIS was his life, and his passion.”

John did much to make the AIS what it is today. It was this energy, drive and passion for those in the business, small or large that impressed everyone, and he would always look forward to meeting up with members old and new e very time he came to meetings.
We know that all that knew him join us in offering our sympathy to his wife, family and close friends.
“Gone from our sight, but never from our memories.”

Board of Directors of the Association of Independent Showmen
Condolences’ have been asked to pass to his family from all the travelling Showmen Associations of the United Kingdom.

Support: Contact number is 07803 783 269 between 1.00pm and 6.00pm Monday to Friday.

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Company Secretary of the AIS

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The origins and development of the AIS

In 1998 through lengthy discussion on the complex nature within the Showmen community, John Crane and Janet Catton both strongly believed and agreed that fairness should be shown to all within the Showmen community, and that a level playing field should be created and maintained for all.
As a result of that discussion they decided to create a new association - The Association of Independent Showmen (AIS).
From these simple beginnings the AIS are now in constant contact with many of the governing bodies both nationally and internationally with regards to every aspect of the showman’s industry and 'travelling' lifestyle.
Over the last twenty years membership has grown to span the whole of the UK, and as a result of the commitment to this core belief the AIS have become a strong voice for Showmen, and are seen as an influential negotiating body for its members and the wider Showmen community.

Membership benefits

With new legislation and guidelines being implemented frequently, there are many areas with which we can offer 'up to the minute' help and advice.
These areas include:
Industry legislation
Vehicle regulations  (DVLA/ VOSA)
Health and Safety and testing
Local Authorities.
We also offer support and help with regards to education, planning and all aspects of the 'travelling Showmen' lifestyle in today's world.

Members Gallery

If you would like to see your rides, stalls, tractors, or any other aspects of Fairs and circuses here in this gallery, please send your images to the maiks@talktalk.net.

The Current - 2021 - Committee

List and contact details of the current Board and consultants

John Crane - (1930 -2021)

Founder of the Association.

Phil Raymond

Read the latest from Phil here.

Alternatively you can contact Phil direct on 07768 221810

Robert Wilkinson

Read the latest from Robert, and the latest information on planning here.

Alternatively you can contact Robert direct on 07956 994199

Paul Goonan - Director

Read the latest from Paul, and the latest information on planning here.

Alternatively you can contact Paul direct on 07869 036081


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Please note: The treasurer's role is currently under review

Transport and Safety
- Fred Meakin

Read the latest from Fred, and the latest information on transport and safety here.

Alternatively you can contact Fred direct on 07842 698858

Transport and Safety - Consultant
- Rodney Harrison

Read the latest from Rodney, and the latest information on transport and safety here.

Alternatively you can contact Rodney direct on 07811 188191

Education - temporarily Suspended

If you have an issue with Education, please direct your concern to the Company Secretary at aiscosec170(at)gmail.com

Equalities and Cultural Rights - Andrew Nixon

Read the latest from Andrew, and the latest information on Cultural rights recognition here.

Alternatively you can contact Andrew direct on 07803 783269

Circus - Bobby Roberts

Read the latest from Bobby, and the latest information on Circus here.

Alternatively you can contact Bobby direct on 07774 858700

For your attention:
If you are thinking about applying for membership we suggest and advise that you first read our Articles of Association.
This can be found by following the link here

All new information about applying to become a member of the AIS can be found by folowing this link here

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Andrew Nixon – Company Secretary