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Renewing your Membership - NEW

As a result of our internal auditing of our membership process, we can now offer you an easier, more reliable and quicker method of payment via PayPal.
We have set up a subscription service with PayPal.
You can either subscribe through your own PayPal account, or subscribe as a guest; if you don't have such an account.

We have created a link to a seperate page - see below - "Terms and Conditions", which shows and explains to you the process and the rights you have to cancel; should you wish

Terms and Conditions...


Official communication (from HSE to the AIS) – shared under ‘Fair Dealing’ in UK law

"HSE publicly supports the ADSC and has some concerns that the ADSC membership no longer provides a representative cross section of the whole fairground and amusement industry. The purpose and scope of the [proposed] meeting would be to provide each Association with the opportunity to set out their understanding of the function of ADSC as well as what it considers the strategic aims and objectives of the ADSC should be moving forward. In addition, it would also be an opportunity to discuss suitable governance arrangements not just for the ADSC, but also for the Amusement Device Inspection Procedures Scheme (ADIPS) to ensure that it maintains the confidence and support of HSE."

This is a letter that all associations have been sent by HSE on the 15th December, 2020, albeit sent to the heads of associations. The policy of the AIS is openness and transparency, and given the implications of the concerns, and requests of the HSE, we (AIS) are informing all our active members of this. Add to this that we are a limited company by guarantee, and subsequently that our governance structure is that of a board of directors having to act under Company Law, it is our duty and responsibility acting in the "best interests" of our members to inform and engage with our membership on such important matters.

For further information and how you can have your say, please


#Future4Fairgrounds - "Spotlight"

Dear Showmen and Show-women,
We are a group of six lady showmen hoping to raise awareness of the current situation the fairground industry is in. Our heritage is something we are very proud of but we are worried for the future. This pandemic has impacted on our industry like no other disasters we have ever known. Our aim is to bring awareness to the current plight of our business, try to secure the future of our industry and our children’s future within it. #future4fairgrounds we are committed to raising the profile of the industry and our way of life in a positive way.


Financial support - Open letter

To all Showmen,
We, as an association, have come to an unfortunate realization over the last eight months; during this pandemic, that trying to obtain financial support specifically for Showmen and how the performance of the association is viewed in light of this fact by the community makes for difficult conversations.
The harsh reality that has sadly come home to us over these last eight months is that, “Nobody in authority cares about Showmen.”


Red Diesel consultation

Business of the House of Commons,
Will my right hon. Friend find time for a debate on the support given to fairground and showground operators? Their ​livelihoods have been devastated by the restrictions placed on them by the coronavirus pandemic, and also by the taxation on red diesel.
Sir David Amess (Chair of the APPG for Fairs and Fairgrounds)

My hon. Friend is right to raise the issue. The Chancellor announced in the 2020 Budget that the Government will remove the entitlement to use red diesel from April 2022, except in agriculture, fish farming, rail and non-commercial heating. The policy is designed to ensure that the tax system incentivises users of diesel to improve the energy efficiency of their vehicles and machinery, invest in cleaner alternatives or use less fuel. That is the argument for it, but let us hope that fairgrounds flourish.
Mr Rees-Mogg




To promote the safe use of amusement rides and devices to ensure the safety of the public and those working in the industry through the encouragement, education and support of all those involved with the ownership, operation, inspection or testing of amusement rides and devices to ensure compliance with HSG175


Human/ Cultural Rights Defender's and the AIS

The United Nations and their 'Special Rapporteurs' on both racism and cultural rights, along with national and international NGO's have recognised both Robert Wilkinson and Andrew Nixon of the AIS as “human/cultural rights defender's” with regards to the arguments being presented, and the defence being made, concerning the recognition and protection of the UK travelling Showmen's way of life and culture.


Public Health and COVID-19 - New Government Dashboard

A new COVID-19 dashboard from the UK government has been created over the last week.

Daily cases by date reported.
Number of individuals who have had at least one lab-confirmed positive COVID-19 test result, by date reported.

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NEW! AIS member's newsdesk

A new feature within the "Members Only" part of the website - a dedicated newsdesk for our members needs.

Make the most of the AIS’s wide range of benefits and services to support and deliver high standards of information and practice. Discover time-saving and effective tools to stay open, connect, excel, and continue your professional development. Be one step ahead, informed, and work smarter..


Becoming a member of the AIS

“What do you want from being a member of this association?”

Having spoken to many, many, members and having spoken in general to many Showmen and Show-women throughout this year, as well as helping and meeting other Showmen organisations the simple answer to this question is - information, support and advice.
A confidence of knowing that those representatives that sit on the 'top table' are acting on your behalf and in the best interests of all members, and that if you pick up the phone you will get someone to talk to at the other end.